SIF 2018 – Application

Who can participate?


Individuals or groups who are engaged in creative activities in the field of illustration or related fields can participate.

※ Participants must exhibit their own artworks. You cannot participate with other people's artwork or artwork that has been plagiarized or infringed other people’s intellectual property rights. Every legal right and responsibility belongs to participants themselves. If any of exhibit come out to be infringed or plagiarized, the booth will be removed immediately and booth fee will not be refunded.


Production of related items, Import, Publisher, Agency, Educational Institute, Other services

How to participate

Step1Access to Official site of The Seoul Illustration Fair 2018
Step2Fill out and submit the participation form
Step3Check the confirmation e-mail from the Organizing Office within a week.
Step4Pay participation fee within one week from receiving the confirmation e-mail.
Step5Check your booth position a month before the opening date

Schedule at a glance

Application scheduleFrom Sep 19 2017 until booth soldout
Application confirmationOrganizer will notify your participation by e-mail within a week.
PaymentBooth payment must be paid within a week after application confirmation.
Additional facilities applicationUntil May 31(Tue), 2018
Exhibit InstallationJuly 25, 2018 / 14:00~22:00, July 26, 2018 / 08:00~11:00
Exhibit move-outJuly 29, 2018 / 18:00~22:00

Booth Information

Artist Booth


Standard A

SIZEFloor: 170W * 150D * 240H (cm)
Wall: Left 120 * Right 120 * 240H (cm/ V Shape)
PROVISION1 set of Information desk and Chair,
1 spot light

Standard B

SIZEFloor: 200W * 150D * 240H (cm)
Wall: 200W * 120D * 240H (cm)
PROVISION1 set of Information desk and Chair,
2 spot lights

Standard C

SIZEFloor: 240W * 200D * 240H (cm)
Wall: 240W * 180D * 240H (cm)
PROVISION1 set of Information desk and Chair,
2 spot lights

Booth Information

Company Booth



SIZEFloor/Wall: 300W * 240D * 240H (cm)
PROVISION1 set of Information desk and Chair,
3 spot lights
1 kW with socket
Company name sign board
PRICEUS$ 2,145

Online application