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Buyer Requirement

    Sole distributor / Wholesale and Retail / Commission / Licensing
    ※ Buyers who are not in illustration-related fields or who are judged to be insufficient to meet the buyer requirements will be rejected in accordance with the SIF internal regulations.
    ※ for new companies that have no experience in conducting actual business with artists, please submit proofs of what kind of business you are planning to conduct with artists by email.

About Buyer Pre-registration

Registration Period: it will be announced later.
  • On-site registration of buyer is not available. Only pre-registration buyers will be able to enter.
  • Up to 2 buyers can be registered for 1 company/team, and please register individually.
  • If the number of registered people exceeds the limit, it will be automatically returned.
    Benefits for Buyer Registration
  • Free admission
  • Provision for SIF V.17 Information
  • Coordination Meeting with Artists
    • ※ If you need to coordinate the meeting with the artists, please contact us via email below.
        ※ Fast admission is not allowed, you need to wait for the same entrance as the visitors.

      Procedure of Pre-Registration
        Submit Online Buyer Pre-Registration Form – Send confirmation email after checking submitted qualification by the SIF secretariat
        ※ Confirmation e-mail will be sent in the afternoon of every Thursday.

      Admission Process
        Visit the SIF and go to Information Desk → Check and confirm your reservation → Collect your bracelet and enter!
          ※ You MUST bring your ID card and business card.
            ※ Only the confirmed buyer is allowed, companions must purchase tickets.
              ※ The pass is not transferable, and all legal responsibility arising from the transfer lies with the transferred party.

              ※ Free entry is only allowed for a person who has registered online and received confirmation from the SIF. There is no on-site registration for buyer/press.
                ※ You cannot transfer your badge to others and all legal responsibilities arising from the transfer shall lie with the transferring party.
                  ※ You must bring your identification and business card.
                    ※ If you do not bring your identification and business card, you cannot enter for free.