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Who is Buyer?
    Sole distributor / Wholesale and Retail / Commission / Licensing
    ※ Buyers who are deemed insufficient for the buyer’s requirements will be subject to the SIF internal regulations.

Benefits for Buyer Registration
  • Free Entry
  • Fast Track (Identification and Badge Receiving)
  • Provision for SIF V.12 Information
  • Coordination Meeting with Artists

  • ※ Registration Period: May (expected)

      ※ On-site registration of buyer is not available. Only pre-registration buyers will be able to visit.
      ※ You can register max. 2 people for 1 company. Please register individually.

    Procedure of Pre-Registration
      Fill and submit the online registration form → Check qualifications by SIF Organizing Office → Confirmation e-mail will be sent to qualified buyer/press
      ※ Confirmation e-mail will be sent in the afternoon of every Friday.

    How to Collect Your Badge On-site
      Visit the SIF and go to Information Desk → Check and confirm your reservation → Collect your bracelet and enter!

  • Free entry is only allowed for a person who has registered online and received confirmation from the SIF. There is no on-site registration for buyer/press.
  • You cannot transfer your badge to others and all legal responsibilities arising from the transfer shall lie with the transferring party.
  • You must bring your identification and business card.
  • If you do not bring your identification and business card, you cannot enter for free.