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Why Exhibit?

Right Choice

The Seoul Illustration Fair(SIF) is the unique gathering place for illustration lovers and buyers. 
SIF is the leading place for illustrators and graphic designers to expose their works to large number of people in a short period. 
Join us to feel the vivid atmosphere of our own!

Full of Inspiration

Meet and communicate with artists of Korea in SIF.
More than 900 artists are exhibiting their works and goods in the same place at the same time. 
Everyone is here at SIF; artists, experts, art lovers and also you! Find your inspiration here at SIF.

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I have exhibited twice now at the SIF and each time it gets bigger and bigger.
Exhibiting at the SIF provides a unique opportunity to exhibit your work in an illustration focused fair,
reaching a wider audience and building up your fan and customer base, who are always excited to see you. You also get the opportunity to meet fellow artists, exchange ideas and be inspired.
C is for Colette
One of the main reasons why I joined is because I wanted to see and experience
what it's like to exhibit in a foreign country,
and to also see how the art community is in Seoul.
Being part of this huge event made me realize how art has no borders.
Deisa Hidalgo

Do not hesitate. Apply now for SIF!

The Seoul Illustration Fair V.17 / 2024.07.04~07.07 / COEX Hall C
The Seoul Illustration Fair V.18 / 2024.12.26~12.29 / COEX Hall B