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Ticket Price

classification Adult Student 
1st Early- bird
*Limited tickets
will be announced laterwill be announced later
2nd Early-bird
*Limited Tickets  
will be announced later
3rd Early-birdwill be announced later
On-site purchase 7/4~7/7will be announced later
※ Early Bird tickets are only available online during the designated period.

Notice for buying ticket

Get online early-bird ticket

    *The online early-bird ticket is a discounted ticket. It is not a fast-track ticket.
    *Tickets may only be used on the designated date.
    *After checking the reservation details at the ticket box onsite, you need to receive the entrance bracelet to enter.
    *Waiting line can be occurred depending on the situation.

On-site Purchase
    *Tickets will be selling onsite, but only for limited amount. It can be sold out.

    *Please bring the paper invitation card to exchange it into entrance bracelet.
    *Only one person is allowed for 1 invitation. If you need more, you have to purchase it.

SIF event winner
    *After confirming you ID, you will get the entrance bracelet.
    *The invitation cards for the event winners are not allowed to transfer to others. It can be used for only the invited person.