Application guide [Company]

Company application, what is new?
Q. Can we mention brand name in the company name?
A. Your application information can be reflected on notice(doflet), sign, status board. Please enter your company or brand name.
Q. I'm a simple distributor, can I participate?
A. A simple distributor who is not an individual creator's sales agent or a self-planned product cannot participate. ※ However, exclusive importers can participate.
Q. We applied corner booth, is it allocated?
A. Number of corner booth is limited so even if you apply it, we are difficult to accept all request. Corner booth is allocated according to the application order. If you are allocated with corner booth, you need to pay $200 additionally.
Q. Can I get a discount on booth fees?
A. Our discount condition has been changed since V.12. 5% Discount is only applied for those who participated in the previous year. For example, if you are applying for SIF V.12, you get discount if you particiapted the fair in 2020. However, it does not apply to the fairs that have not been held.
View the details of new regulation of participation!
Is it your first time to participate SIF? Check out below to master SIF A to Z.
Once submitted, your application will be reflected until the end of the fair. Don’t worry! If you take careful look at the main points and fill out the application from now on, there will be no matter!
Field of participation
What products or services are you planning to join?
Please choose one of fields according to your products or service!
Company profile submission
Please briefly explain your company The company profile is only used to verify that is it the type of company that we are aiming for.
Classify booth type
The booth display where visitors meet before work!
Please choose the booth type according to the product or service to be shown!
(You can apply for independent booth from 2 booths or more.)
Add facilities
Please add facilities if it is necessary!
Corner booth
Do you need open space to show your product or service? Please apply corner booth.This space is exposed to 2 hallways.
It will be a chance to promote a little more !
Check one more,
Review the instructions and regulations of entry!
Review your application
Click my SIF > View booth application Please check whether or not the application details
※ Information from your application will be reflected on doflets and any offline prints.