The Seoul Illustration Fair Application Guide

Fair schedule
THE SIF vol.11
2021.8.25(Wed.) ~ 8.28(Sat.) 4 days
COEX Hall D (unfixed)
THE SIF vol. 12
2021.12.22(Wed.) ~ 12.25(Sat.) 4 days
COEX Hall B (unfixed)
Application Period
THE SIF vol.11
You can apply now.
THE SIF vol.12
1st : February, 2021
2nd : if there’s vacancy, we will open it again.
Steps for application
Fill in your online application form
It will take up to a month to review applications. Applicants will receive a confirmation email from SIF. (Your application may be declined, if it is not qualified.)
Pay the deposit (50% of Participation Fee) within 2 weeks.
4.Complete payment
Complete your payment untul the designated date.
5 tips for application !
1. Quickly?
Your application order can be reflected when the booth is allocated.

2. Equally!
Please match your participation field and portfolio. Also, your career experiences should be matched.

3. Correctly,
Confirmation of participation is not according to the order of application. Please fill in the application form correctly.

4. Detailedly~
Please read details thoroughly from the guide page not to get declined.

5. Outstandingly
If you have a special portfolio, you can get the confirmation as quickly as possible.
Classify your booth type