Application guide [Team artists]

Team artists, what is new?
Q. Is the participation confirmation only on a first come, first served?
A. No, it is not confirmed only in the order of the participating reservations. After applying an equal percentage system for each participating field and career experience, we will confirm the order of participation reservation.
Q. How is the booth allocated?
A. To accept the participants’ opinions, SIF made Zones for each participation fields. In each zone, Booth will be assigned according to the application order, quantity of booth, times of participations.
Q. Can I share the booth with friends?
A. ONLY 1 PERSON CAN STAY ON ONE BOOTH. If you accompany with other person who are not participants, It will be considered as booth transfer. The participation will be banned for 2 years
Q. If a team member cancel after getting confirmation, what can I do?
A. Partial cancellation of team members after confirmation is not possible. In this case, you can cancel the whole or maintain the whole, and a penalty will be incurred.
Q. Is it necessary to certificate team career?
A. The team that has career experience is mandatory to submit proofs. You will receive confirmation email as soon as your certifications that matches with your career. Please submit it within a day of submitting of your application!

Q. Can I get a discount on booth fees?
A. Our discount condition has been changed since V.12. 5% Discount is only applied for those who participated in the previous year. For example, if you are applying for SIF V.14, you get discount if you particiapted the fair in 2021. However, it does not apply to the fairs that have not been held.
View the details of new regulation of participation!
Is it your first time to participate in SIF? Check below for more information.
Once submitted, the application cannot be edited. BUT don’t worry! We prepare the guidelines below! Please read it thoroughly.
Field of participation
Zones are organized by fields of participation. Which artwork will you exhibit in SIF?
Please choose one of fields according to your artworks!
Career experiences
Please select the years of your career experience. The participation confirmation rate is the same for each career.
※ After reviewing proof in the order of submission, we will send a confirmation email.
A well-designed portfolio will not only lead you to participate in SIF, but also attract buyers! Shall we prepare in advance ?
Classify your booth
The booth is for your own exhibition. Please choose a booth based on the number and the atmosphere of artworks!
Add facilities
Please apply for additional facilities if it is necessary.
In the event that ancillary facilities outside of the provided area harm others (there may be restrictions on participation in the next exhibition).
Check one more,
Review the instructions and regulations of entry!
Did everyone on the team apply?
As well as the team leader, everyone on the team Please fill out and submit the application!
※ booth assistant is not applicable.
Review your application
Click my SIF > View booth application Please check whether or not the application details ※ Information from your application will be reflected on doflets and any offline prints.
Exhibit or sell secondary creation
It is possible if the original creator approves. You have to submit documents of proving permission before the exhibition. The violation will restrict future participation.
Over international age 19 only
As of the date of application, you can fill out an application form after turning in 19.